Boy Mama: Condensed Milk Painting

Condensed Milk Painting

boy mama teacher mama  condensed milk painting

I found this idea on Pinterest. It originally came from the blog ECE Made Easy. The examples on the site really caught my eye because when the paint is dry it still looks wet!  And who doesn’t love that still wet look of paint???  So, we picked up some condensed milk (in a tube!) at the grocery store and brought it home.

The directions for making the paints are really simple- combine some condensed milk with a few drops of food coloring, mix and paint.  The original poster mixed the paints in an ice cube tray (great idea!), but since we do not have an extra tray in the house, I used some small paper cups and put them in our paint tray.  I used liquid water colors instead of food coloring because I LOVE my liquid water colors and never really get to use them (they can be messy and hard to get out).  The one caution I would share is that the liquid water colors make the paint more watery than the food coloring so do not add too much or you will get runny paints.  Our paint was a bit runny, but still worked fine.

When my son painted his first stroke, he froze and stared at the paint on his paper and simply said,  “Wow.”  He loved it and to be quite honest I had a great time playing with this new kind of paint as well.


  • condensed milk ( 1 can is fine)
  • food coloring or liquid water colors
  • brushes
  • paper– we used a slighty heavier white paper that is a bit shiny and it worked nicely

To Prepare the Paint:

  • Mix a little bit of condensed milk and a few drops of coloring.
  • Use a new container for each color

Then What? 

  • Paint!
  • Allow to dry  (note– paint is sticky even when dry!)
  • I put our leftover paints in the fridge. I hope to use them again later in the week.  Not sure how this will work out, but it is worth a try. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Condensed Milk Painting

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  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea! My boys and I love to paint and create so I think we’ll be trying this out this afternoon.

    Found your blog through pinterest and will definitely be back!

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  4. Have you tried to use them again after refrigerating? I was thinking about mixing up the paint tonight and getting it out tomorrow to paint with my two-year-old.

    • Hi Beth, I actually forgot to put them in the fridge that night!! I left them out on the counter over night and they were fine the next day! I imagine keeping them in the fridge would only make them last that much longer. Let me know if you try it and how it works out. Stephanie

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