Boy Mama: (Little Einsteins) Rocket

Little Einstein’s Rocket

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: (Little Einsteins) Rocket

This is definitely not my typical blog post topic, but I had to share.  We all have differing opinions about TV and whether or not we let our kids watch tv and if we do let them watch, for how long.  My kids watch a little TV and each have favorite shows. My youngest son really, really likes the show, The Little Einsteins.  Actually, I like it too. My oldest son loved it when he was little and really learned a ton about music from it. My husband said he actually likes it too! Wow. Anyway, back to my youngest. He is really into the The Little Einsteins.  I downloaded the theme song and he listens to it on repeat all night long!  Then when he gets up in the morning, he carries the music player around with him and continues to listen to it until we leave the house.  I do not know why he isn’t sick of that song! He really. really wants The Little Einsteins to come over. He said he wants to, “Give them a big hug!” I made him a little book with the characters from the show and he has me read it over and over and over and can actually “read” to me now.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: (Little Einsteins) Rocket

So, today I took the plunge and made him a Rocket to play in.  I spent about 2 hours making it while he was napping with my oldest son giving me tips and ideas (so sweet).  I placed it outside his bedroom door so when he woke up it was the first thing he saw. And, oh, my! He was so excited! He ran right up to it and said, “Rocket!” Then he started pointing to all the different parts and saying, “Rocket thing. Rocket thing. Rocket thing.”  He went inside it, got settled, pushed a button and then climbed out. He must have climbed in and out 10 times never spending more than 2 minutes in it. He was kind enough to give his brother a turn, but made sure his brother knew that is was HIS rocket.  Before going to bed tonight, he requested that Rocket sleep in his room because (he said) he was “worried about Rocket.”  As I was leaving the room I heard him say, “Night, night Rocket. I love you.”  Guess all that hard work was worth it. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: (Little Einsteins) Rocket

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5 thoughts on “Boy Mama: (Little Einsteins) Rocket

  1. I love this and think it would be great photo prop for my son’s 3rd birthday party. We too have the theme song on a CD in the car and on my husband’s laptop. Something about that song makes him so excited!

    • Sabrina,
      So glad you like it! It was fun to make and my son LOVED it. Good luck with the party!

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