Boy Mama: Getting There is Half the Battle

My son recently started Kindergarten. After the first few weeks of school, he decided that he wanted to go to after school care with his buddy.  I looked into it and found out that it was a great program so I signed him up to go once a week.  When his first day of after school came around, I thought, how I am I going to make sure he remembers that he needs to go to after school care and not freak out when I am not there at pick up time.  I jotted a quick note to his teacher asking to give him a gentle reminder at the end of the day, but I know how the end of the school day can be and his teacher may not remember to remind him. So, I created this reminder for him.

So, every Wednesday morning I clip the reminder on his bag so he knows where to go after school.  Then when he gets home in the afternoon, I take it off and put it aside for the next week.

Mamas Directions: Creating a Backpack Reminder

1. Print the words, “After School Care Today” on a piece of white paper. Or whatever words you choose.

2. Cut the paper into the desired shape. I created a star.

3. Glue the white shape onto a heavier piece of colored cardstock or cardboard and cut it out again leaving a small amount of the colored paper showing around the edges.

4. Cover the back and front with clear packing tape so it doesn’t rip.

5. Punch a hole in it and tie it onto the zipper or on a clip on the backpack.

Related ideas:

Here is another reminder tag I made for my son.  Karate takes place during recess time and if I am not there to remind him to go, he won’t remember! So, I place this reminder tag on his backpack or on his lunch box so he doesn’t miss class.

I created this name card for his backpack as well as just in case it goes missing. This goes on the clip and stays there!

A little worn, but still works! 🙂

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