Boy Mama and Teacher Mama Meet Again

As a teacher, there were certain things I was ADAMENT I would NEVER do once I became a parent.

1) I would NEVER carry my child’s backpack- children are certainly able to carry a backpack themselves.

2) I would not only not carry my child’s backpack, but I would NEVER hang it up and unpack it for him.

3) I would NEVER “teacher shop.”  Asking around about the strengths and weaknesses of  a teacher is so very wrong.

4) I would NEVER compare teachers. It is like comparing apples and oranges and  it is unfair to the teachers and disrespectful of them as professionals.

5) I would NEVER pack candy in my child’s lunchbox nor would I send him to school with a sandwich made on white bread.  How could those parents feed those things to their children and then expect them to be able to learn??

6) I would NEVER be late. That, too, is disrespectful to the teacher and to the class.  Plus it is just a bad way to start the school day.

7) I would NEVER be late to pick my child up from school.

8) I would NEVER have my child complete his homework at the last minute.

9) I would NEVER let my child watch TV on a school night let alone before school.

10) I would NEVER keep my child home from school for “just not feeling well” or keep him home because of a upcoming big event.

11) I would NEVER drop off nor pick up my child while on the phone or while otherwise electronically distracted.

12) I would NEVER worry about my child and would be confident in his teacher’s ability to do right by him.

Well, let’s just say that 2 kids later, all this has gone to crap.  I am not that mom I vowed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that bad, but I have certainly fallen short of my own high expectations.

1) GUILTY- I carry my son’s backpack to and from school. It is so big and heavy I am afraid it will physically harm him or someone else.

2) GUILTY- I often hang up my son’s backpack and even take his homework out and put it in the homework basket.

3) PENDING- Haven’t really done this. I haven’t “teacher shopped” since my son is only in Kindergarten. Ask me again in 8 months and we will see how I fared.

4) GUILTY- I compared. I admit it. The two kindergarten classes “look” so very different and it makes me wonder if all the kids are getting the same quality, experience.

5) GUILTY- on both counts. I sent chocolate kisses and candy hearts in my son’s lunches. And, homemade cookies as well.  I also send him to school with sandwiches made on white bread- I have an excuse for this one though- he cannot eat whole wheat bread. Phew.

6) GUILTY- We have been late. Can we just leave it at that?

7) GUILTY- I have been late only 2 times. That is not so bad, really.  I have to wake my napping child and walk uphill to my son’s school (no, not in a blizzard, but in the blazing heat) and that should really be reason enough.

8) GUILTY- We completed his “news” project (due this morning) last night right before bed.

9) GUILTY- Can I blame this one on someone else in our household or is that cheating? Yes, I do sometimes let my kids watch a tv show before bed IF homework is done, teeth are brushed, pjs are on and the toys have been cleaned up.  TV before school is generally a big no-no, but when my husband was away on business for 3 weeks and I was going insane, I let them watch a show while I took a very needed shower.

10) GUILTY- I did. My son was feeling “out of sorts,” but not horrible. We had big plans with friends that evening and I kept him home.  The horror!  Sure was worth it though! 🙂

11) INNOCENT- I am NEVER electronically distracted when I drop off and pick up  my son.

12) GUILTY- I worry about my son. I worry that he is talking too much. I worry that he uses potty talk with the wrong people. I worry that he won’t have friends or that the friends he has are not a good influence. The list goes on.  I also worry that I worry…

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I was a really great parent before I had kids….

© 2012 

6 thoughts on “Boy Mama and Teacher Mama Meet Again

  1. haha, I love that! I too am guilty of thinking and doing many of those things. My new moto is no more “I’ll never”‘s. lol, coz you know what? I just might 😉

  2. LOL! I was a teacher too and there were a whole bunch of nevers too.

    Thank you for linking up to the Sunday Parenting Party, and I hope you come back again tomorrow with another idea.

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