Boy Mama: Sensory Table Gone Mini

Sensory Table Gone Mini

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Sensory Table Gone Mini

One of my son’s favorite things to do at preschool was the sensory table.  So I dutifully went home and tried to recreate the experience in our big water table, but do you know how much rice or cornmeal or beans it takes to fill one of those things up? Yep, too much for (at the time) one small boy. So, I created a mini version of the sensory table and it was a huge hit!  I simply took a shallow baking pan (cardboard box lid, canned food tray, pizza pan, large tupperware containers also work), filled it with rice, beans, cornmeal or whatever we chose and my son could sit at the table and play to his heart’s content. He would play for literally 45 minutes! I was finally able to make a meal without him at my feet. When my youngest son was old enough, he loved it as well.  This mini-sensory table continues to be a hit in our house.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Sensory Table Gone Mini-sensory table rice in canned food box

Other things to try in the sensory table:

  • rice
  • cornmeal
  • sand
  • beans and peas
  • snow (another huge hit!)
  • colored ice cubes
  • paper shreds
  • styrofoam pieces
  • small rocks, stones and pebbles
  • soil/dirt
  • Moon Sand
  • Aqua Sand (although I found this to be terrible for clean-up)
  • shaving cream (creates a winterwonderland!)
  • leaves

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Sensory Table Gone Mini

Fun add-ins:

  • cars
  • diggers, dumpers and loaders
  • measuring spoons and cups
  • popsicle sticks and toothpicks (careful of the sharp ends!)
  • spoons (all sizes) and scoopers
  • plastic tools
  • plastic animals or fish
  • PVC pipes
  • kitchen whisks
  • empty film canisters (are these still around anywhere??)
  • empty recyclables like egg cartons, plastic bottles, take out food containers
  • cups of different sizes
  • all those random marker tops you have laying around with no marker to go with it
  • rocks, pebbles, stones

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Sensory Table Gone Mini


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Sensory Table Gone Mini


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