Book Mama: Books about Boxes

Books About Boxes

A box is only a box unless someone uses his imagination and creativity to make it into something more. Here are some books where the characters use boxes for all kinds of adventures.

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Not a Box (Antionette Portis)

is the story of a small rabbit who shows that a box is only a box unless it is something else like a mountain, a rocket ship, a race car or a….  (Preschool-Grade 1) Check out this animation of the book here.


Christina Katerina & the Box (Patricia Lee Gauch)

is the story of Christina, her friend, Fats and the huge cardboard box they play in where they declare their undying friendship, wage battles and drive Christina’s mother crazy. (4 and up)

The Birthday Box (Leslie Patricelli)

tells the story of a little baby who gets a birthday present from his grandmother, but is more interested in the box that the gift inside.  (2 and up)


Meeow and the Big Box (Sebastian Braun)

is the story of a cat named, Meeow, who uses his imagination and some art supplies to transform a big box into a fire engine.  Clever Meeow!  There are 3 other Meeow stories as well- Meeow and the Pots and Pans, Meeow and the Little Chairs and Meeow and the Blue Table. These books are  a favorite of my sons– I  love them, too!  (2 and up)

A Box Story (Kenneth Kit Lamug)

invites readers to see how a box is not just a box, but can be anything you imagine. This book won the 2012 Pinnacle Book Award for Children’s Interest (4 and up)


Big Box for Ben (Deborah Bruss)

is the story of Ben and his dog, Wags who use a big box for some extraordinary adventures. (2 and up)


My Book Box (Will Hillenbrand)

tells the story of a creative little elephant who finds all kinds of uses for a box, but ultimately discovers that the best use for his box is for his books. (2 and up)


The Big Brown Box (Marisabina Russo) 

tells the story of big brother Sam who has a box that he doesn’t want to share with his little brother. All kinds of trouble ensues until Mama finds a solution that makes everyone happy. (3 and up)


A Box can be Many Things (Dana Meachan Rau)

tells the story of a box that the mother has hauled to the garbage and her two children have reclaimed. The children pretend the box is all sorts of things including a house, a car and a cage. The box eventually begins to fall apart, but the children are still able to find many uses for the worn box and its pieces. (Rookie Reader: Level B- 6 and up)

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3 thoughts on “Book Mama: Books about Boxes

  1. Thank you for sharing these titles, and brief synopises. It is so helpful with planning and best of all to give kids exposure to great literature and the opportunity to creatively expand after these readings.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely collection. Another beautiful picture book about boxes is Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House by Australian author Libby Gleeson, illustrated by the incredibly talented Freya Blackwood. It is about a boy who is unsure about his family’s move from a small to a large house. He ends up making a friend who helps him use the packing boxes to build their own house in the back yard. It is a wonderful book for teaching the visual literacy of color and size. You can get it at The Book Depository here:

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