Teacher Mama: Bottle Caps ABCs

Bottle Cap ABCs

Bottle Caps ABCs Many thanks to my local Starbucks for collecting all these caps for me. If you are interested in trying these activities or Bottle Cap Math, ask your local coffee shop to save some for you! Bottle Caps … Continue reading 

Boy Mama: 23 Uses for Cash Register Tape

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Cash Register Tape

I love finding something in an office supply store, taking it home, giving it to my boys and then watching what they do with it.  I gave my youngest a few pads of sticky notes the other day and he … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Creating Your Own Dice for Learning

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Creating Your Own Dice For Learning

Creating Your Own Dice for Learning   In a previous post I introduced some math games involving the use of dice. As I stated then, the possibilites for learning with dice are endless, but not everyone wants to go out … Continue reading