Teacher Mama: A Game for Practicing Even and Odd Numbers {After School Linky}

A Game for Practicing Even and Odd Numbers I am a little frustrated with the math program I am using with my first graders. While I think there is a ton of great learning and good activities in the book, … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Number of the Day Activity Pack {After School Linky}

Number of the Day Activity Pack UPDATED!!!   A few years ago, BMTM shared  Number of the Practice Sheets for Second Graders. Today we are sharing another Number of the Day Activity Set for First Graders although it could be used … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Groundhog Day Activities {After School Linky}

Boy Mama Teacher Mama Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Activities I never remember it is Groundhog Day until it is already here. Every year I vow to remember earlier so I have at least on fun thing to do with my students on that day.  Last year, … Continue reading 

Boy Mama: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Just over a year ago, we shared a post where we used coffee filters to make fall leaves. We also used the filters to make butterflies. This time, it is snowflakes we made from the coffee filters. … Continue reading