Penguin Activities: A Round-Up from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Penguin Activities: A Round-Up from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

I decided to finish up my penguin series of posts with a round-up of posts from around the web. Here are just some of the great penguin posts out there. Enjoy!

Tacky the Penguin Tutorial

from Reading Confetti

Penguins Stories

Boy Mama Teacher Mama

 Circle Penguin

from Reading Confetti

Penguin Fingerprint Cards

Red Ted’s Art Blog

Penguin Math

Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Printable Macaroni Penguin and

Printable Penguin Craft

Learn Create Love

Handprint Alphabet P… for Penguin 

Red Ted’s Art Blog

Potato Stamp Penguin 

Artsy Crafty Mom

The Penguin Fishing Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Polar Animals- Penguins

The Usual Mayhem

Egg Shell Penguin

Craft to Art

Penguins! Educational Resources for Learning About Southern Birds

Kid World Citizen

Penguin Word Search

Boy Mama Teacher Mama

Penguin Word Family Sort

Plato to Playdough

Roll a Penguin

Classroom Freebies

Footprint Penguins 

Meet the Dubiens

How Tall is a Penguin?

Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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9 thoughts on “Penguin Activities: A Round-Up from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

  1. Thanks for doing this, now I have ALL of it one place 🙂 I just ordered 2 Penguin book for Aarya, I hope they come soon and I can start some of these activities with him, right now we are doing snowman/snow .. S activities 🙂 Thank you again

  2. Tee hee hee.. I can’t help but think of the super cute animation Pingu when I see penguins. Thanks for a fab roundup Stephanie. xoxo P

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